LEO Round Table (law enforcement talk show)

Episode 340 filmed on 09/04/2017

Chip DeBlock (Host)
Ward Meythaler (Attorney)
David D’Agresta
Jeffrey James Higgins

1 hour LIVE show every Monday at 7 pm EST
Episodes uploaded to YouTube Tue – Sun at approx. 4 pm EST

Topic 1 concerns a group of off-duty law enforcement officers and their wives eating at Davenport’s Ale House in Davenport, Florida. When Crystal Nobre (a member of Central Florida LEO Wives) invited some on-duty Polk County Sheriff’s deputies to take their lunch break with the group, the uniformed deputies were turned away by security because they allegedly made customers nervous. Restaurant owner Danny Chopra is referenced in the story.


Topic 2 concerns the recent release of a video that proved a New York Police (NYPD) officer accused of using a prohibited chokehold on a suspect actually did not. Reference is made about the Civilian Complaint Review Board still wanting to discipline the officer and Police Commissioner James O’Neill overturning their decision. Councilman Rory Lancman is also referenced in the story.


Topic 3 concerns a video of Evansville (Indiana) Police Officer Kenny Duschke attempting to use his Taser before fatally shooting Ricky Ard who was armed with a bat.