LEO Round Table is an internet based law enforcement talk show. This is episode 234, recorded on 05/08/2017, with the following on-air personalities: Chip DeBlock (Host), Kevin Bouis (Attorney), Bret Bartlett, Mark Hopper, David D’Agresta and Cody Ann Cook. In addition to your host, the other panelists (except for Attorney Kevin Bouis) are active or retired law enforcement officers.

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Topic 1 concerns a story from last week where news sources reported that workers and the manager of a Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Bar-B-Q in Raleigh (North Carolina) sang “F… The Police” to members of the Raleigh Police Department. Police Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown issued a statement saying that was inaccurate information and that two officers witnessed a single employee mouth the words to the song in front of them.


Topic 2 concerns student attacker Kendrex J. White with a machete type knife at the University of Texas campus where he fatally stabbed one person and wounded at least three others.

2a https://www.policeone.com/edged-weapons/articles/336799006-1-dead-3-wounded-in-knife-attack-at-Texas-university/

Topic 3 concerns a murder-suicide at North Lake Community College in Irving, Texas. Irving Police were involved.


Topic 4 concerns a new Texas law allowing concealed handguns on college campuses.


Topic 5 concerns Georgia House Bill 280 which was signed into law allowing concealed carry on college campuses. Governor Nathan Deal was referenced in the story.