LEO Round Table (law enforcement talk show)

Episode 442 filmed on 01/03/2018

Chip DeBlock (Host)
Kevin Bouis (Attorney)
Bret Bartlett
David D’Agresta
Jeffrey James Higgins
John Newman

1 hour LIVE show every Monday at 7 pm EST
Episodes uploaded to YouTube Tue – Sun at approx. 4 pm EST

Topic 1 concerns Initiative 940 (i.e. I-940 and De-Escalate WA) which is arguably making it easier to prosecute law enforcement officers in the state of Washington for using deadly force. Reference was made to Joseph O’Sullivan from The Seattle Times, De-Escalate Policy Director Leslie Cushman, shooting victim Che Taylor, shooting victim Charleena Lyles, venture capitalist Nick Hanauer, the Puyallup Tribe, Washington Council of Police & Sheriffs Executive Director Teresa Taylor, Rep. Roger Goodman, Council of Metropolitan Police and Sheriffs (COMPAS) President Mike Solan, Washington State Fraternal Order of Police President Marco Monteblanco, Seattle Police Officers Guild Vice President Rich O’Neill and Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs President Craig Bulkley in this story.