LEO Round Table is an internet based law enforcement talk show. This is episode 97, recorded on 11/28/2016, with the following on-air personalities: Chip DeBlock (Host), Kevin Bouis (Attorney), Bret Bartlett, Bobby Alsip, John Risenhoover and Keith Hamilton. In addition to your host, the other panelists (except for attorney Kevin Bouis) are retired law enforcement officers.

This segment was taken from our 1-hour LIVE show that was broadcast on our YouTube channel. We broadcast LIVE every Monday evening at 7 pm EST (the 2nd Monday of every month is at 8 pm EST). If you miss our LIVE show, you can watch 10 – 15 minute segments of it uploaded to our YouTube channel (and at LEOROUNDTABLE.COM) Tue – Sun.

Topic 1 concerns suspected terrorism at Ohio State University where Somali immigrant Abdul Razak Ali Artan stabbed nine (9) people, one (1) critically. Hero Ohio State University Police Officer Alan Horujko shot Artan dead.

Topic 2 concerns 15-year-old Luke Smith who was allegedly high on LSD when he stabbed two relatives in California. Smith was shot and killed when he threatened police with the knife.

Topic 3 concerns Russian policewomen being disciplined for altering their skirts into revealing miniskirts. Quoted in the story is Deputy Interior Minister Sergei Gerasimov and union representative Mikhail Pashkin.

Topic 4 concerns Bremerton (Washington) Police Officer Spencer Berntsen who was saved by two bystanders during a violent fight with suspect Kenneth Lane. Chief Steve Strachan is mentioned in the story.