LEO Round Table (law enforcement talk show)

Episode 406 filmed on 11/20/2017

Chip DeBlock (Host)
Luke Lirot (Attorney)
Ward Meythaler (Attorney)
David D’Agresta
Cody Ann Cook
Jeffrey James Higgins

1 hour LIVE show every Monday at 7 pm EST
Episodes uploaded to YouTube Tue – Sun at approx. 4 pm EST

Topic 1 concerns a video of Las Vegas (Nevada) Metropolitan Police Officer David Nesheiwat who fatally shot armed gunman Phillip Pitts who was holding his wife at gunpoint. Clark County Assistant Sheriff Tom Roberts was quoted in the story.


Topic 2 concerns undercover Detroit (Michigan) Police officers from the 11th and 12th precincts fighting with each other during a poorly communicated “push off” or reverse sting operation. Police Chief James Craig is quoted in the story.