LEO Round Table is an internet based law enforcement talk show. This is episode 275, recorded on 06/19/2017, with the following on-air personalities: Chip DeBlock (Host), Ward Meythaler (Attorney), Bret Bartlett, David D’Agresta and Jeffrey Higgins. In addition to your host, the other panelists (except for Attorney Ward Meythaler) are active or retired law enforcement officers.

This segment was taken from our 1-hour LIVE show that was broadcast on our YouTube channel. We broadcast LIVE every Monday evening at 7 pm EST. If you miss our LIVE show, you can watch segments of it uploaded to our YouTube channel (and at LEOROUNDTABLE.COM) Tue – Sun.

Topic 1 concerns three (3) Los Angeles Police Department cadets who stole three (3) police vehicles, went out on patrol, led police on pursuits that turned into crashes and signed out stun guns and radios. Chief Charlie Beck was quoted in the story.



Topic 2 concerns a video of Ferndale (Michigan) Police officers pursuing driver Kolbe Kristopher Jordan when a citizen driving a van drove head-on into Jordan’s vehicle in order to end the chase.


Topic 3 concerns a video of a Centerville (Ohio) Police officer in pursuit of Lucretia Levette Snowden-Davis who was driving in reverse on an interstate highway. The video shows Snowden-Davis ramming the officer’s car before fleeing again.