This video, the first in a series, was produced by LEO Round Table. It is basically a Shoot/Don’t Shoot tutorial for civilians. Given today’s politically charged climate for law enforcement officers, we wanted to take a proactive approach in helping to solve the problem…education.

With videos popping up on social media and news outlets (i.e. Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Falcon Heights, Minnesota) involving police shootings, it’s all too easy to rush to judgement and form an opinion with limited or incomplete information. Then, there will always be individuals who will take matters into their own hands such as what happened with the sniper who killed 5 Dallas police officers and the ambush killing of 3 officers in Baton Rouge.

Even if you possess all of the facts, it can be daunting for the civilian to understand the law enforcement officer’s Use of Force Continuum, Matrix or Rules of Engagement. We seek to address these concerns in the series of videos.

Thank you to our sponsors and all of the volunteers who made this project a success:

Producers – Chip DeBlock & Bret Bartlett
Video Production – Cadet Media
Actors: David D’Agresta and Dwight Buchanan
Sponsors: Ex Umbra Defense Solutions, FOP Lodge #27, GUNLEARN.COM, Papa John’s Pizza #4163 and Patrick’s Uniforms