LEO Round Table is an internet based law enforcement talk show. This is episode 201, recorded on 03/27/2017, with the following on-air personalities: Chip DeBlock (Host), Stuart Boyd (Attorney), Bret Bartlett, Mark Hopper, Keith Hamilton and Cody Ann Cook. In addition to your host, the other panelists (except for Attorney Stuart Boyd) are active or retired law enforcement officers.

This segment was taken from our 1-hour LIVE show that was broadcast on our YouTube channel. We broadcast LIVE every Monday evening at 7 pm EST. If you miss our LIVE show, you can watch 10 – 15 minute segments of it uploaded to our YouTube channel (and at LEOROUNDTABLE.COM) Tue – Sun.

Topic 1 concerns a study revealing that Chicago (Illinois) Police’s Stop and Frisk numbers decreased by over 90% in 2016 while homicides increased by 57% and shootings increased by almost 146% that same year. Reference was made to the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois and their director of Police Practices Project, Karen Sheley.



Topic 2 concerns a video of Tulsa (Oklahoma) Police Officer Jonathan Grafton running over Madison Dickson with his police car after she points a gun at him. Officers Kayla Johnson and Detective Ronnie Leatherman are also mentioned in the story.