LEO Round Table is an internet based law enforcement talk show. This is episode 200, recorded on 03/27/2017, with the following on-air personalities: Chip DeBlock (Host), Stuart Boyd (Attorney), Bret Bartlett, Mark Hopper, Keith Hamilton and Cody Ann Cook. In addition to your host, the other panelists (except for Attorney Stuart Boyd) are active or retired law enforcement officers.

This segment was taken from our 1-hour LIVE show that was broadcast on our YouTube channel. We broadcast LIVE every Monday evening at 7 pm EST. If you miss our LIVE show, you can watch 10 – 15 minute segments of it uploaded to our YouTube channel (and at LEOROUNDTABLE.COM) Tue – Sun.

Topic 1 concerns 9th Judicial Circuit (Orlando) State Attorney Aramis Ayala who filed a motion in court to be placed back in charge of the Markeith Loyd first-degree murder case. Last week Florida Governor Rick Scott removed her from the case when she stated she would no longer pursue the death penalty in any cases including that one. Defendant Markeith Loyd is being tried in the killings of Orlando Police Lieutenant Debra Clayton and his pregnant ex-girlfriend, Sade Dixon. Reference is also made to Armis Ayala reportedly being married to convicted felon David Ayala.



Topic 2 concerns Marksville (Louisiana) Marshal’s Office Deputy Marshal Derrick Stafford being found guilty of manslaughter in the shooting death of 6-year-old autistic boy Jeremy Mardis. Reference is also made to Christopher Few (the boy’s father) and Deputy Marshall Norris Greenhouse, Jr.